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Simmons College of Kentucky is an institution of biblical higher education dedicated to educating people in the urban context through strong academic and professional programs....

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Our core values express who we are and what we value and endeavor to pass on to our students at Simmons College of Kentucky. As a historic African American Baptist college we value . . .

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Our History

In August of 1865, 12 Black Baptist Churches met at Fifth Street Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky and organized the state Convention of Colored Baptist Churches in Kentucky.Because there was no place in the state where Blacks could obtain a college education, members of the Convention soon began discussing the need ...

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Established in 1879, Simmons College of Kentucky is now officially recognized as the state’s second HBCU.

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Our responsibility as an institution of Christian higher education to develop excellence in character and ministry, to promote methodological innovation in ministry, and to inculcate a lifelong desire for learning.

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Simmons College has several opportunities throughout the school year for you to enroll. Simmons College of Kentucky is licensed by the Council on Post-Secondary Education, Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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As Kentucky’s oldest  HBCU, Simmons stands ready to continue her legacy of empowerment and personal development through strong academic and professional programs.

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Simmons College of Kentucky serves approximately 100 undergraduate students. With an average class size of fewer than ten students, you can count on individual attention from our faculty.

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Simmons College of Kentucky • 1018 South 7th Street • Louisville, KY 40203 • 502.776.1443