The Simmons College legacy of providing high quality educational opportunities to traditionally under served communities dates back to 1879 when it began serving African Americans, some of which were former slaves. To create opportunities for individuals who today come from challenged backgrounds, Simmons utilizes an Open Enrollment process which makes college accessible based on a combination of factors including ACT scores, personal references, autobiographical essays and educational experience.

Prospective students should download a copy of the Application for Admission and submit the following documents to the Admissions office:

  • A completed and signed three-page Application for Admission (Ask the Admissions Office if any question is unclear, do not leave answer field blank.)
  • Non-refundable $25 Application Fee.
  • Two (2) Reference Forms (from the Application for Admission) prepared by individuals who can attest to your character, academic maturity, and preparation for the Simmons College of Kentucky experience. (References may not be filled out by a friend or family member.)
  • A self-written one to two page Autobiographical Essay (see form in Application for Admission) in the provided space giving a brief description of your family background, why you want to enroll at Simmons College of Kentucky, and your personal and professional goals for the future after graduation.
  • An Official Transcript from your high school or GED program. For transfer students, transcripts may be submitted for past post secondary educational experience.
  • ACT test scores.