Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Business Administration

With a Business Administration degree, you can start on the road to creating profit, helping people grow people and transforming communities. Urban cities across the nation are often neglected by traditional entrepreneurs creating opportunities for a new generation of non-traditionalists who will develop sustainable, innovative ventures that enhance the urban economy, solve problems, and meet the needs of the greater community.

The Simmons business entrepreneurship major offers students a business education with a focus on the issues involved in both starting a business and fostering innovation in a corporate setting; and building an infrastructure for the long-term economic resurgence of urban cities across the nation, especially Louisville. Students develop an entrepreneurial perspective through incorporating concepts from management, marketing, and finance to explore the creation, growth, and success of new enterprises.


Living in an era of rapid globalization, Simmons has positioned itself to respond to the complexities of producing a global workforce able to communicate across cultures—interpersonally and organizationally. Today, we often find that social, political, and economic boundaries conspire to challenge effective communications.

The Cross-Cultural Communication major is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on understanding human communication across a variety of intercultural contexts. You will learn to express yourself well in oral and written communications and develop critical thinking skills about communication events. The curriculum focuses on ethical practices as well as the convergence of traditional and new media.

Religious Studies

Our major in Religious Studies, like other liberal arts majors, can be a pathway to a productive graduate education or even a career in teaching. Indeed, because religion is one of the most powerful forces in the world, the study of religion can help one understand the complex and sometimes volatile relationships between religion and politics, economics, and social structures.

In an increasingly interdependent global community, awareness of past and present features of religious life—events, texts, personages, ceremonies, rituals, convictions, theologies, visual representations, artifacts—can lay the foundation for informed and thoughtful analysis of contemporary life. Such analysis is important in considering diversity of issues such as abortion, evolution, faith-based initiatives, marriage, capital punishment, and civil rights. At Simmons, our approach to the academic study of religion has a distinctive multidisciplinary character, drawing upon approaches from sociology, art, anthropology, history, literature, philosophy, psychology, and cross-cultural communication.


Sociology takes as its starting point the social relations that structure individual behavior. The Simmons Sociology major places a critical emphasis on understanding the increasing gap between the social disparities affecting majority-race and minority persons. The objective being to develop students able to think critically and imaginatively about society and social issues, and developing a commitment to social justice based on an appreciation of diversity and an awareness of social inequality.

Associate of Arts Degrees

General Studies

An unknown philosopher once said that the goal of college is to teach one to be resourceful.  It is less about having all the answers that acquiring the skills to learn where to look for more information. The Simmons General Studies degree exposes individuals looking enhance their proficiency and with regard to basic reading, writing and mathematics.

Religious Studies

Similarly to the Bachelor Degree program in Religious Studies, the curriculum for the Associate Degree helps the student examine the interdependencies between religion, politics, economics and social structures.

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