Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Business (Entrepreneurship)

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Entrepreneurship serves the Simmons College of Kentucky mission of “educating people in the urban context through strong academic and professional programs” by focusing on how one can become self-employed or can take his or her current business to the next level.  By doing so, the program tries to enable its students to “become productive citizens of agents of change in society (Simmons Mission Statement)” by becoming entrepreneurs who can become community leaders and employers and who can help their communities become economically empowered.  Our faculty members have experience and expertise in small business and non-profit development, local economic development, and organizational planning.  Several have either owned or currently own their own businesses.  Our curriculum gives one the business knowledge to start a new venture or to grow an existing one no matter what the type of business or organization.  We welcome your application for our program!

Communication (Cross-Cultural)

The Bachelor of Arts in Cross-Cultural Communication is a four-year degree program designed to combine the liberal arts, an ethical worldview, and communication. Living in an era of rapid globalization, colleges and universities are seeing megatrends to produce a global workforce able to communicate across cultures—interpersonally and organizationally beyond social, political, and economic boundaries.  The Department of   Cross- Cultural Communication prepares students for professional, business and educational careers in advertising and public relations, communication studies and leadership studies. The Bachelor of Arts- in Cross-Cultural Communication is ideal for students with multiple interests. Career options can include:

  • Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Consumer Relations Director
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Events Coordinator
  • Media Relations Director
  • Publicity Director
  • Public Relations/Practitioner
  • Event Planning
  • Public Service / Government
  • Social Media Director / Designer
  • Human Resources
  • Politics / Political Campaigns
  • Organizational Communication
  • Training / Education
  • Health Communication
  • Non-Profit or Corporate Communication


The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is intended for the Simmons of Kentucky student who wishes to study music within a church based and liberal studies framework.  The degree serves as documentation and as a foundation for a wide range of career options and/or graduate study in music or other academic areas.  Emphasis placed on concentrations in music and general studies provides the student with opportunities for distinctive educational experiences oriented to his or her specific needs and interests— Recording Arts Technology, Worship Arts, Church Musician, Composer, and/or Vocal and Instrumental Performance.

Religious Studies

Our major in Religious Studies, like other liberal arts majors, can be a pathway to a productive graduate education or even a career in teaching. Indeed, because religion is one of the most powerful forces in the world, the study of religion can help one understand the complex and sometimes volatile relationships between religion and politics, economics, and social structures.

In an increasingly interdependent global community, awareness of past and present features of religious life—events, texts, personages, ceremonies, rituals, convictions, theologies, visual representations, artifacts—can lay the foundation for informed and thoughtful analysis of contemporary life. Such analysis is important in considering diversity of issues such as abortion, evolution, faith-based initiatives, marriage, capital punishment, and civil rights. At Simmons, our approach to the academic study of religion has a distinctive multidisciplinary character, drawing upon approaches from sociology, art, anthropology, history, literature, philosophy, psychology, and cross-cultural communication.


Sociology takes as its starting point the social relations that structure individual behavior. The Simmons Sociology major places a critical emphasis on understanding the increasing gap between the social disparities affecting majority-race and minority persons. The objective being to develop students able to think critically and imaginatively about society and social issues, and developing a commitment to social justice based on an appreciation of diversity and an awareness of social inequality.

Associate of Arts Degrees

General Studies

An unknown philosopher once said that the goal of college is to teach one to be resourceful.  It is less about having all the answers than acquiring the skills to learn where to look for more information. The Simmons General Studies degree exposes individuals looking enhance their proficiency and with regard to basic reading, writing and mathematics.

Religious Studies

Similarly to the Bachelor Degree program in Religious Studies, the curriculum for the Associate Degree helps the student examine the interdependencies between religion, politics, economics and social structures.