Schedule of Charges

Application Fee New Students Only $40.00

Tuition Per Credit Hour $180.00

Registration Fee Per Credit Hour

(non-refundable) $75.00

Late Registration Fee Per Credit Hour (non-refundable additional fee) $75.00

Auditing Fee $120.00

Technology Services Fee $75.00

Online Course Fee $30.00

Course Change Fee $25.00

Transcript Fee $15.00

Graduation Fee $125.00

Promissory Note $35.00

International Student Fee $250.00

Registration fee, tuition and any additional fees and/or charges are due and payable at the time of registration. A payment plan is available for students who choose it as an option.

Payment Plan

For the student who is unable to pay the total cost of registration and tuition at the time of registration, the following payment plan is available. A student may pay one-third of the total fees and divide the remaining charges in three equal payments with the installments being due and payable on or before the fifth (5th) of each succeeding month. All student accounts must be kept current and all accounts must be paid before the students will be allowed to take final examinations in a given semester. Any student who fails to remain current on their account will not be allowed to register for classes for the following semester.


A student may receive a refund on tuition paid by officially withdrawing from a class in which they are currently enrolled according to the following schedule: If the withdrawal is within: The Refund % of paid tuition will be:

0 to 5 working days of the close of late registration 90%

6 to 10 working days of the close of late registration 80%

11 to 15 working days of the close of late registration 50%

After the 15th working day of the close of late registration 0%

Veterans Refund Policy

Any person receiving educational assistance from the Veterans Administration (VA) shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of any charges and/or fees. The refund shall equal the pro-rated cost of the incomplete course. (Students receiving VA entitlements should contact their VA representative for further financial assistance.)

Students in Arrears

Students in financial arrears, either to the college, bookstore or to the Library, will not be permitted to register for the subsequent term or receive transcripts, grades, or diplomas until satisfactory arrangements have been made to pay the outstanding financial obligation.

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