Events at Simmons


Dr. Boyce Watkins’ All Black National Convention ’17

At 6:00 pm
Simmons College of Kentucky


At 5:00 pm

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the primary vehicle for students to engage with the administration in establishing direction relative to the academic, cultural, and social affairs of the College. It depends heavily on the representatives elected annually from the student body, and serves to affect all levels of student participation at the College. In addition to conveying student recommendations and sentiments to the faculty, staff, and administration, the Student Government Association is responsible for recommending policies affecting student life, coordinating extracurricular activities and social events, and chartering new clubs and organizations.




Spiritual Life

The administration and faculty of Simmons College of Kentucky strongly believe in the great contribution and vital role of spiritual life on the academic, social, and community growth of Simmons. Convocation gatherings are the largest community gathering time on campus. Therefore, convocation attendance and participation are required components of the development process at Simmons College of Kentucky. Convocation offers the opportunity to share concerns, to forge community bonds, and worship together. Often we invite speakers from around the city, state, and nation to offer our convocation sermon. In addition, assembly sessions are periodically scheduled to provide opportunities for addressing various topics.