Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

Simmons College of Kentucky is an institution of biblical higher education dedicated to educating people in the urban context through strong academic and professional programs in order that they may become productive citizens and agents of change in society.

Institutional Goals

• To equip each student with strong literacy and critical thinking skills.

• To develop a view of life and the world rooted in theKingdomofGod.

• To impart tools of solid biblical interpretation and social analysis.

• To inspire a strong sense of social justice and civic duty in the urban context.

• To achieve the highest degree of excellence in development of the self.

• To become assets to the church and community through becoming practitioners of innovative ministries in the city.

  • To produce a graduate population of lifelong learners.


Our Core Values 

 Our core values express who we are and what we value and endeavor to pass on to our students at Simmons College of Kentucky. As a historic African American Baptist college we value . . .

• Our confidence in the sole sufficiency of Scripture as God’s written Word.

• Our African American Baptist heritage, rooted in a confessional expression of evangelical Christianity

• Our confidence as Baptists in the local church as God’s ordained instrument to advance his kingdom through the conscientious use of one’s spiritual gift(s).

• The necessity to empower the poor with faith, hope, and life skills to succeed.

• Our responsibility as an institution of Christian higher education to develop excellence in character and ministry, to promote methodological innovation in ministry, and to inculcate a lifelong desire for learning

• The necessity to commit to the eradication of the causes of oppression and injustice through an all-empowering biblical perspective.



1018 South 7th Street Louisville, KY 40203 (502) 776-1443