Mission Statement

Simmons College of Kentucky is dedicated to educating people in the urban context through strong academic and professional programs in order that they may become productive citizens and agents of change in society.

Institutional Values

Small Is The New Big

Our size is our greatest distinction, because it offers us the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our students that start in the classroom and grow into the community. We are turning our smallness into a significant benefit for our academic pedagogy, faculty development, and operational processes.

Innovation Leads

Because of our small size, we are able to cultivate a spirit of creativity, risk-taking, and innovation. We are uniquely equipped to face the challenges and changes of higher education by not being governed by the rules, regulations, and boxes of ‘we’ve done that before.’

Students First

As an institution, we have one central commitment—students. We were reminded throughout this process that regardless of the other priorities that would surface throughout this plan, our students are our sole priority and the only reason we continue to exist. We are driven by the motto, ‘students first.’

Outcomes Matter

We cultivate and affirm a culture that values student success, authentic personal development, and leadership in the community. We are committed to measuring and holding ourselves accountable to outcomes in these areas.