The principle goal of the academic advising process is to assist new and existing students in developing both a framework and set of tools to support the successful matriculation through college. For many first generation students, college can be startling in it’s departure from patterns of behavior experienced in high school.

To offset these challenges, each Simmons student is assigned an Academic Advisor at the time of enrollment. This individual provides guidance and support to the student in the following areas:

  1. Developing an academic plan based on the student’s degree program that identifies course requirements, including remedial education, where appropriate.
  2.  Guiding the student through the class registration process.
  3. Recommending tutors and other Learning Resource Center programs to assist struggling students, as necessary.
  4. Coordinating discussions with instructors when intensive intervention is warranted for students contemplating dropping out.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is located in the Main Campus (1018 South 7th Street). Simmons students are able to access tutoring services as well as study aids to support their pursuit of academic excellence.


The Simmons College of Kentucky Library is located in the Administration building located at 1000 South 4th Street. The library provides students with a calm and quite atmosphere for studying, reading, and finding resources for classes.