America’s Success Story: Highlights of Simmons College of KY, The 107th HBCU in the Nation
  1. Simmons is the only HBCU resurgence  in HBCU history and is the only “comeback HBCU” in America.   Simmons is the only HBCU who, having lost its campus in 1930 to the University of Louisville, returned to its original campus 77 years later and now owning it debt free.
  2. Simmons is the only private HBCU in KY.
  3.  Simmons is the fastest growing college, percentage wise, in the Commonwealth of KY (A 95% enrollment growth)
  4.  Simmons’ Sacrificial President: In the first 10 years of his Presidency, Dr. Cosby returned every paycheck to the college. (Totaling more than $750,000)
  5.  Simmons Invests in the development of African American people, which fosters hope and takes us away from Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland type situations.
  6.  Simmons has more African American males than females enrolled.
  7.  Simmons is concerned about student debt and is committed to debt free quality education through low tuition costs.