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At Simmons, we believe that college is not just about earning a degree; it’s about graduating with the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long success in the twenty-first century. Simmons offers 6-degree programs in the liberal arts, majors ranging from sociology to business entrepreneurship, advanced courses for religion, and topic-based seminars taught by local practitioners. Through academic support programs and a comprehensive curriculum, Simmons students are more likely to graduate with an ethical worldview. 

Simmons College of Kentucky offers a Christian liberal arts education. “Liberal arts” is an often-misunderstood phrase, however it is a tradition of learning born in ancient Greece. In its ideal form dating back to antiquity, a liberal arts education encourages individuals to seek personal foundations for the choices they make as they live their lives, and to pursue intellectual freedom through asking hard questions, challenging social assumptions, and charting a personal path of exploration. At Simmons, we take the tradition of the liberal arts seriously, as we aim to introduce students to the disciplines—the arts and sciences —that will empower them to make a good life and earn a good living.

Simmons offers an education based in the liberal arts because we believe such an education enables students to experience curiosity, social responsibility, and inquiry. We believe that a student who is liberally educated recognizes the importance and powers of thinking logically, imaginatively, and independently; writing and speaking forcefully and effectively; framing questions and finding difficult answers creatively; thinking broadly across the lines of traditional academic disciplines; assessing values; and approaching others with understanding and compassion.