Internships are jobs related to academic majors and career interests. They offer irreplaceable hands-on experience and help students stand out in the job market when they graduate. Internship positions may bring you a paycheck, academic credit, or both.

Plan to hold several internship positions while you are at Simmons, starting in your freshman year.

Many college students apply for an internship in their junior or senior year. At that point, they have completed most of their general studies classes and are focusing on their major. An internship that matches a student’s major adds practical experience to classroom theory, further preparing the student for a career in that field.

However, you do not need to wait until your junior year; some internships are open to freshmen and sophomores as well. Doing an internship early in your college career gives you the opportunity to explore career fields and types of work settings. Your internship may help you to narrow down your area of interest, or it could tip you off that a different major is a better fit for you.

Since internships are a type of job, the steps to prepare and apply for internships are the same for internships as for other jobs.

Steps to Prepare for Internships and Other Jobs

Expect to apply for several positions before you land the position that is right for you. Remember that you are assessing the employment opportunity as much as the employer is assessing you.

• Write Your Best Resume

Keep a running log of your accomplishments so that you can tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. Triple-check your resume for areas to improve before you send it to an employer.

More tips for writing your best resume (link to resume page)








• Apply for internships and other jobs

Internship positions are posted on regular job sites and on sites geared towards college students. Start your search on our career management site, Handshake (link to Handshake login)

• Excel academically & earn your best grades (Fr.-Sr.)

Your self-disciplined work as a student can show up in the following ways when you apply for jobs:

Good grades in specific classes related to the job position

An impressive overall GPA

Positive reference letters (or calls) from your instructors

Opportunities you are nominated for due to your reputation as a good student

The knowledge and thinking skills you reveal in your interviews

Get help in academics (link to academic and computer skills page)

• Prepare & practice in advance for job interviews

The career services office offers job interview workshops as well as practice interviews for students.

More tips for interviews (link to interview page)

• Gain or expand your computer operations & digital technology skills

Make sure you have the skills employers are looking for. Free tutorials and classes are available (i.e. Microsoft Word; Excel /Spreadsheets; PowerPoint; and Social Media) (link to academic and computer skills page)

• Design, write & implement your academic, graduate/professional school & career success plans Visit Simmons’ Career Services office on the third floor of Parrish Hall.

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