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Royal Court Application

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Royal Court Candidate Application

  • Royal Court Candidate Information

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Royal Court at Simmons College of Kentucky!

    The Royal Court at Simmons College of Kentucky will include the following representatives: Mr. & Ms. Simmons College of Kentucky, Mr. & Ms. 1879, Mr. & Ms. Freshman, Mr. & Ms. Sophomore, Mr. & Ms. Junior and Mr. & Ms. Senior.

    These student leaders will be chosen to represent Simmons College of Kentucky on campus and within the community. Court members are selected based on their ability to exemplify the qualities of leadership, spirit, integrity and achievement.


    Undergraduate students enrolled at Simmons College of Kentucky, who meet the following requirements, are eligible to apply.

    1. Must be a current student of Simmons College of Kentucky.

    2. Must be in good academic and financial standing with Simmons College of Kentucky and remain in good standing in order to remain a member of the Royal Court. The Office of Student Affairs and the Royal Court Selection Committee reserve the right to remove any Court member who is not in good standing with or whose conduct reflects poorly on Simmons College of Kentucky.

    3. Must maintain a 2.3 GPA.

    4. Must submit a completed Royal Court Candidate Application .

    Specific Requirements Relative to Position

    All members of the Royal Court must be able to serve through the entire term.

    Candidates can run for both Ms. Simmons College of Kentucky or Mr. Simmons College of Kentucky AND a class representative position, if desired. ( However you can only Hold one position)

    Mr. & Ms. Simmons-Must be a full-time student and have earned at least 24 credit hours.

    Mr. & Ms. 1879-Must have earned a minimum of 24 credit hours, be at least part time and a non-traditional student. In the event there are no non-traditional student applicants, traditional applicants will be allowed to apply.

    Mr. & Ms. Freshman-Must have earned a total of 0-29 credit hours and be full time.

    Mr. & Ms. Sophomore-Must have earned a total of 30-59 credit hours and be full time.

    Mr. & Ms. Junior-Must have earned a total of 60-89 credit hours and be full time.

    Mr. & Ms. Senior-Must have earned a total of 90 or more credit hours and be full time.

    Selection Process

    All completed applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the Royal Court Selection Committee for compliance.

    All candidates meeting the requirements for application and eligibility will be listed on the voting ballot and be allowed to campaign during the allotted time period.

    At the end of the voting deadline, the Royal Court Selection Committee will tally all votes and include those as part of the selection process for the Court members.


    Those selected as Royal Court members will be required to attend a number of campus and community functions, meetings and activities.

    Attendance at the Royal Court Coronation (date TBD) and Homecoming (date TBD) activities are required of all Court members.


    (date TBD)

    Application deadline.

    Applications must be emailed to by (date TBD). Applicants will be notified by (date TBD).

    Applicants notified of eligibility.

    (date TBD)

    Royal Court campaigning begins Via (Location TBA), you will be given your (Location TBA) time to campaign to the student Body.

    Each applicant will be granted a time slot to present a campaign speech to the student body

    (date TBD)


    Students will be given the link to Vote for their candidate.

    (date TBD)

    Voting ends at (date TBD).

    (date TBA)

    New royal court


    For more information contact:

    Rebecca Gardner at 502-776-1443 x 5206 |

  • Please complete this Royal Court Candidate Application By (Date/Time TBA)

  • These are adult unisex sizes.
  • Must have a minimum of 12 (twelve) credit hours completed at the time of nomination.
  • Must be registered as a full-time student at Simmons College of Kentucky both during nomination and term of office.
  • You may run for more than one position HOWEVER you may only be elected to serve in ONE POSITION.
  • Answer all that apply, if you are a freshman you may refer to "High School Experiences".


  • The information provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the Royal Court Selection Committee to release and/or use all information provided on my application and from my official academic records for the purpose of establishing eligibility and for publicity purposes.

    Please Enter Applicant Signature & Date in space provided below.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For more information contact:

    Rebecca Gardner at 502-776-1443 x 5206 or

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