The primary objection of the Student Resources Center (SRC) is to assist Simmons students in maximizing their potential for success. This is accomplished utilizing a three-pronged approach.

  • One on One Tutoring — The SRC provides topic-specific one-on-one academic support to Simmons students, with a particularly emphasis on English (literacy and writing) and mathematics. This focus is accomplished through academic specialists, student assistants, and community tutors working directly with the student to overcome specific knowledge gaps.
  • Academic Workshops — Academic workshops and seminars are also utilized to support student growth. The key difference being the use of group sessions were students learn together. Through these interactions, students build relationships with classmates that bonding them to each other and the college experience.
  • Writing Lab — For college students, proficiency is largely demonstrated via written essays. The SRC provides a writing lab program that provides students with intensive support in presenting ideas and thoughts coherently in writing.