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Welcome to the Simmons College of Kentucky

Falcon-Net Landing Page!

This landing page provides quick links to many online resources for Simmons College of Kentucky.

By signing onto this portal, you agree to abide by the Computer Use Policy of Simmons College of Kentucky.

Violations could lead to restriction of computing privileges and/or disciplinary action.

(Please Read SSO Information Below)


We no longer go through JumpCloud.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Single sign-on (SSO) is system that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by logging in only once—all with just one set of credentials (your Simmons email, and your SSO password). With SSO, the application or website that the you are trying to access relies on a trusted third party to verify that users are who they say they are.

One benefit is you only need to remember one pair of login credentials (your Simmons email and your SSO password). You can also "login" to multiple secure websites with simple clicks and without re-entering your username and password. Security is also an added benefit of SSO.

Simmons Issued Chromebook - Instructions

We no longer go through JumpCloud.

A.  WiFi. First time opening your Chromebook, it will prompt you to connect to your WiFi network.

You MUST connect to a WiFi network, else NONE of the below instructions will work!

B.  Email. After successfully connecting to the Internet, Chromebook will ask you for your Simmons email address.

Students email: - [example:]

Falculty&Staff email: first initial - [example:]

C.  Password. First time logging in for 2021, you will use the temporary password.

Contact: for the temporary password:

D.  One-time Reset. You are then prompted to reset this temporary password by sending a code to your mobile phone. Any time hereafter, that you need to reset a forgotten password, Google will send a reset code to this phone.

E.  Logged in. You are now connected to your Chromebook Apps.

Computer or Personal Chromebook

We no longer go through JumpCloud.

A.  Sign-In

If this is your first time signing in for 2021, you will need to login using the temporary password.

Contact: for the temporary password.

B.  Email

You will use your Simmons email address, NOT your gmail address.

Students email: - [example:]

Falculty&Staff email: first initial - [example:]

C.  Watch the below video:

D.  Start here

After watching the above video, click below:

====> [START HERE] <====

This will open a new TAB so that you can switch back here to re-watch the video and follow along.

E.  Some may see:

Some users after clicking the START HERE link above, may see a screen similar to the below.

This screen could also display your other personal gmail accounts on it.

If so, click the "+ Add Account" link, then proceed with the instructions on the above video.

F.  If you have a personal gmail account on your device

If you have personal gmail accounts on your device, then each time you click one of the buttons in the SSO Apps screen, Google will display all of those emails and ask you to select an account.

Select the one that has your address on it.

Technical. If you encounter any issues accessing your SSO Portal, please contact the Technology Support Center at and we will be glad to assist you.

Applications. If you have questions about using any of the applications on your SSO portal please contact Helpdesk Support at

Use of Simmons College of Kentucky information systems is subject to all references within board policy and the Guidelines for the Acceptable Use of Information Resources.

Pursuant to Kentucky Administrative Code: (1) Unauthorized use is prohibited; (2) Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring; (3) Misuse is subject to criminal prosecution; and (4) Users have no expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws.