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There are many ways to support Simmons College of Kentucky. We want to help you achieve your philanthropic goals, while fostering educational excellence at Simmons College of Kentucky.



Build the Fund that ensures the future of the mission of Simmons College of Kentucky.

Simmons Is ME

Simmons Is ME (SIM) is a grassroots effort made up of ordinary people giving a weekly or monthly micro-gift to support Kentucky’s only private HBCU.

Current Programs

Connect your interest to the work of Simmons College by making a one-time or multi-year gift to a particular program.

Simmons Annual Fund

Provide unrestricted support for everything that keeps Simmons College focused on the lives of our students.

Falcons Athletics

Provide unrestricted support for Simmons Athletics that promote teamwork and pride among students


Simmons Greatest Needs

Help provide support to our students or to special projects that help enhance the campus and student educational needs.

2018 Office of Development Report


Dr. Ken Jobst

502.776.1443 ext. 129

Von Purdy

502.776.1443 ext. 149 

Rebecca Gardner

502.776.1443 ext. 123

Simmons is ME

Simmons Is ME is your opportunity to effectively reach students within your community by making small, weekly donations of $5, $10, or $20 – dollars that turn into dreams. Be a part of the Simmons Is ME movement in 1 or 3 ways to GIVE to our students:


2. Call our office at (502) 776-1443 ext. 149

3. Mail your checks: to 1018 S. 7th Street, Louisville, KY 40203

Simmons College of Kentucky Greatest Needs

The 2019-20 school year is about to begin on August 19th. As such, we are reaching out to our donors for extra special support of our students in the coming weeks. Many supporters often ask how to directly help students and want to know exactly how to help in a way that makes an immediate impact. Please find below a list of ways in which you can make a difference. If you wish to directly support our students in one or more of these ways, please contact me directly at or at (502)776-1443 ext. 149.

You can make a tremendous difference to our students who continue to seek an education to change the trajectory of their lives. Simply, choose which one of the ways in which you can help within the next 30 days. Here are some of the ways you can help:

Student Housing: Students may qualify for Pell grants, but still need Housing assistance as housing costs $350 – 500 per monthly for 10 months during the school year

Student Tuition: 77% of our students qualify for Pell grants (which means the family income requirement is $20,000.00 or less), but the rest (23%) may not qualify for Pell grants or scholarships and need tuition assistance. Simmons College tuition is $6,000 per year

Student Books: Students may qualify for Pell grants, but still need assistance with books to be better prepared as they attend classes in the Fall

Campus Upgrades:

◦ Our College needs help with upgrading the campus in the following areas:

  1. New carpet in the Student Lounge and Heritage Room: $15,000.00
  2. New furniture in the Student Lounge and in the Heritage Room: $5,600.00
  3. New doors for Steward Hall: $8,000.00
  4. Outdoor metal benches for original campus: ($1,200 each)